Rubber Band Hacks for Your Home

May 18, 2023
First invented in 1845, rubber bands have been office supply royalty for a long time. But did you know they have house-wide uses as well?  Here are a few rubber band hacks to make your home just a little more comfortable.

DIY cellphone mount

Let’s face it — your car is a part of your house just like your bedroom is. And as such, it needs to be able to support your cellphone in some way. There are tons of designed fixtures you can get for your cell, but if you have a couple of rubber bands you don’t really need those. Slip a rubber band on each side of your rearview mirror and voila! Now your mirror can hold the phone for you.

Jar opener

Some jars are harder to open than others. Maybe it’s because you haven’t worked on those biceps in a while, maybe it needs a little dip in hot water, or maybe you just need to use a rubber band. Wrap a band (or two, or more) around the lid and let the friction created by the rubber help you pop the lid right off.

Cord organizer

We all have that drawer we refuse to acknowledge. The one with a bundle of cords that get tangled as soon as you look away from them. Well, if you use your rubber bands correctly, you might finally set them straight. Once you detangle a cord out of the bundle, roll it up and wrap it with a rubber band. That’ll show it who’s the boss around here.

Cutting board stabilizer

Slippery countertops can be a real nuisance sometimes. Especially when you’re busy chopping some veggies on a cutting board, which keeps slipping around. (No fun when you’re handling a knife.) With the help of two rubber bands, however, you can set it in one place. Just slip one band on either side of the board and enjoy the new sturdy surface.

Help your apples stay fresh

We all know that apples taste the best right after you cut them. If you wait too long their texture becomes iffy and they get some unattractive dark spots. Use a rubber band to keep a cut apple fresh for longer. How? Simple: after cutting the apple into slices, assemble them again around the core (like an apple puzzle) and wrap a rubber band around them to keep them in place.

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